Coast Floors a Rising Star in Commercial Floor Covering

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Commercial Floor Covering by Coast Floors

Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ) has recently released its 2014 list of the 100 fastest-growing companies in Orange County, CA, and Coast Floors is ranked 34th- a rise from their 2013 position of 81st. Any placement at all in OCBJ is a high honor and a sign of a company that is making great strides forward in the scope of their operations, while at the same time maintaining the superior quality of work that from their first beginnings served to propel toward success in the southern California marketplace. But to be listed in consecutive years and to advance by 47 places requires a yet more complementary explanation- Coast Floors is truly a rising star in the Southern California area and commercial floor covering industry.

OCBJ founder and CEO Richard Reisman takes great pains to interview numerous local business men and women to better understand their stories and accomplishments and to discover the secrets to their success. One factor OCBJ notes is the values and ethics of family owned and operated firms. They produce 50% of the GNP and make up a third of all Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Coast Floors' family-owned enterprise has been hard at work in Orange County installing beautiful and durable commercial floor covering in many of the area's retail stores, such as Anne Taylor, Michael Kors, Crevier Mini, Crevier BMW, Crevier BMWi, Cerritos Chevrolet, Banana Republic, Bath and BodyWorks, Victoria’s Secret, Office Depot, Petsmart, and a host of others. Automotive showrooms, office buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, and a great variety of other business types have all benefited from the meticulous and customized commercial floor covering designs of Coast Floors.

As exemplified by their recent work at the South Coast Plaza Shopping Center, but part and parcel of all their undertakings, the commercial floor covering Coast delivers is one both of conscientious craftsmanship and luxurious materials. Specially manufactured and carefully inspected natural stone tiles, Italian tiles, and numerous other tile types offer a wide choice of attractive designs and frequently an international ambiance that is surpassed by none. Coast's policy of customizing each arrangement and even tile pattern to the special needs of their clients has won them many loyal customers and helped to create for shoppers and for all who traverse the floors they lay down a decor beneath their feet that matches with or complements the styles of the room around them. Many Orange County businesses have seen the benefits of this up and coming flooring company's exquisite work, and any business owner in the area who is planning on remodeling their business' flooring would do well to contact Coast Floors to discuss the possibilities.